Simplicity Is Being Preferred Nowadays

Many travel agents and holiday destinations advertise with words like curated, artisanal, and authentic, but according to the discussions at the ILTM in Cannes, this year simplicity is the new buzzword in luxury travel. People truly get a luxurious feeling when they slow down and feel completely unburdened like experiencing the moment of decompression when they see a phenomenal view. The travel advisors of today have to act like matchmakers who are matching the right people with the right experiencing. For most people they don’t want to know which is better, but rather they want to know which is best for them. Then again you may say that the internet provides such information, but in reality, a computer cannot yet compete with a human being describing the exotic experiences that a traveller can expect at a luxury holiday destination.

Small is bigger

The phrase ‘small has never been bigger’ was coined by the luxury hotels who were up in arms against the large chain hotels and resorts. The average size of a small luxury hotel is around 48 rooms and the preference for smaller hotels can be judged by the fact that InterContinental Hotels will open a hotel in Venice with just 55 rooms in the year 2018. This is rather unusual for a hotel chain which is known for its larger star hotels. Travelers want immersive experiences that can help them grow as individuals and bond better as families or friends. This is the reason that a beach resort is no more just a matter of pampering yourself, but rather of bonding with family and friends.

Family owned properties

In this year family-owned properties are drawing more and more travellers who want to connect more closely with the local culture of an exotic land. There are the examples like the Winterlake and Tutka Bay lodges owned and operated by a renowned chef, his family and grown up children. These lodges are located in Alaska and are considered among the National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World. On the other hand, the Beau-Rivage in Geneva is adding 17-floor suite which is a show stopper. This is a historic building and is still run by the Mayer family since the last five generations.…