The Most Popular Luxury Travel Trends For 2017

International travel is becoming quite a popular way of families and individuals for spending their holidays. With the world having become a global village there are many hot travel destinations and ever new experiences to discover to go to as the world hopper has realised. On the other hand, there is tough competition among airlines and hotels, which is why they try to lure customers with deals and offers which are all for the benefit of the consumer. The best part is that nowadays luxury travel is not just meant for the rich, but rather us common folks can also enjoy a luxury holiday thanks to the lucrative deals and offers. Every new trend is emerging in the travel industry just like every other field. These trends and favourite finds are discussed at the International Luxury Travel Market held every year at Cannes every December. Let us look at some of the finds from this annual meet of luxury travel people.

Backlash against luxury

Nowadays luxury is no more simply about the materialistic aspect. It is more about the emotional and psychological value that people can get out of their travel experience. This is the reason that when advertisers use the world Luxury people tend to become wary.

Surfing Camp

This is because for some people luxury may be a surfing camp with no electricity for others it may mean a five-star cruise with bikes provided for shore exploration.

Our Team Members

Some tour operators and hotels take personalisation even further and provide bespoke holidays, and these could mean exceptional experiences like a guided hike in Wales or blending your wine in Argentina.

Experience over ownership

In today’s age of social media, people are no longer interested in ownership, and they are not much for buying too many souvenirs.

Fashion Capital

Hence if a person travels to a fashion capital, they may not be interested in buying a designer handbag, but would prefer to post about their experience on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

It’s all about letting the world know that you are having fun and enjoying your life rather than show off your designer possessions to a few friends in your close circle.